Monday, May 12, 2014

Perspective Project Final

Perspective Project Final

5) Artists Collaborate.
           In this project, I worked with my entire team on the wall. But since I was the one who drew the final sketch and new what it should look like, I was given most of the control over said project. I gave directions for everyone to work on each part and made sure they were all going smoothly. Of course, I also accepted input from my teammates about some things that could be changed, such as adding more animals or making something a different color. We all worked well together and created a very smooth final product.

6) Artists Solve Problems.
           No endeavor is without it's share of problems, and our picture had several. First, we could not find the right colors for a few of the items, then we couldn't get the chalk to blend, then there was too much open space, and it didn't have nearly as many examples of perspective as it should. It took some creative thinking, but we found ways to work around it. Brushes and paper towels easily blended the chalk dust, the pastels added the right touch of color, we filled the space with characters from the book such as Aslan and the wolves, and we adjusted the angles of the coats around the outside to give it more depth.


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