Art 2 Final Portfolio

Art 2 Final Portfolio

1) I find that my time project was the most successful. It was a completely original project that stemmed from my own fascination with the wonder of flight, and through this shows my level of creativity, as well as my ability to find a way to make this rather ambitious idea work. It also conveys the light-hearted message I was trying to portray through it. The fluffy cloud background and the focus on how the plane elegantly rises and falls on the wind as it sails smoothly through the sky illustrates calmness and tranquility as your mind floats along with the airplane. This piece conveys my originality and message much better than any of my other projects throughout the year have done.

2) If I could do one of the projects again, I would chose to remake the perspective chalk drawing. The final result we ended up with was great, and I am very proud of it, but it was one of those instances when, half way through the project, I though of an idea with a much better perspective value, and overall that just seemed like it would be neater. I had always wanted to partake in drawing something on the school's walls, just as I had seen many years before, but the final picture we left felt a little lackluster, like I could have done better.
3) My favorite medium was definitely the prints. They were for no specific project, but creating the print block was fun, getting the ink on paper was fun, and overall they turned out great. I enjoyed putting these together much more than anything else that year.

4) I liked the figure shading warm up the best. It was a simple idea, but it pushed me to the limits of my current understanding of shadows. Mr. Sands kept saying "Go darker! Go darker!" So I kept pushing my pencil into the paper, scrubbing back and forth until some parts were as black as I could get it, and I feel like I came away from that practice with a better understanding of how shadows hit an object. It was difficult, but rewarding in the end.

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