Sunday, February 9, 2014



1) Artists create original art.
      In the appropriation project I spent some time racking my brain for a good idea, trying to find words that fit together in a creative idea, even resorting to word puns. It eventually entered my mind how tired I was, and that's when I followed the idea of using something to do with a bed. Sheep are known to be figures representing napping and bedtime, so I eventually came up with The Bedsheep.
2)Artists develop art making skills.
     I was unsure how to make The Bedsheep, because for one thing, my drawings failed to get across what I wanted The Bedsheep, and it would be too difficult to make a large-scale model with actual bed pieces. So instead, I decided on a smaller version using a wire frame and substituting bed sheets and pillows with fabric and fluffy cotton stuff. I believe I have learned much about using wire to make a basic frame, which was much more difficult than I had thought. The Bedsheep still does not look like I pictured, but everyone else thinks it still gets across that feeling of sleep.

6)Artists solve problems.

     One problem was how to get the fabric I was using to cover the wire frame. I was originally thinking how cool it would look if I stitched it, like it was wearing pajamas. The only problem is I can't sew. Then I thought to another project I did, and settled on using a hot glue gun to glue it to the frame. It turned out to be a very good choice.

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