Monday, March 3, 2014

Snap Shot Blog Post 2: Appropriation

Snap Shot Blog 2

3) Artists communicate through their work.
           When I decided to create the Bedsheep, I wanted to get across that sleepy, bed time feel when people looked at it. Which is why I covered the frame in soft fabric, fluffy cotton balls, and a moon and stars pattern most commonly found on pajamas. The work is supposed to give off a very relaxed vibe, which I find to be a very nice state of mind. When you are completely relaxed, all that stress just leaves the body and brings only happy thoughts, which is something I wanted other people to experience.

4) Artists take risks
        Trying to make a model out of wire frame was something completely foreign to me, but it was what I wanted to try, and I did not back down from a challenge. Though it's not as flawless as I wished it to be, I have come out from this project with some more knowledge of the medium tucked away into my artist tool belt.

7) Artists reflect
         After I finished painting on the moon and stars, I stopped to examine how the Bedsheep turned out. It looked a little rough, but I had worked hard with the materials I had, and I think it was the best I could do with my current skill.

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