Sunday, March 16, 2014

Begining of Time as an Element

Beginning of the Time as an Element Project:

1) I find the idea for my art to be very original. No one else in the class had decided to use flying or airplanes for their project, and the inspiration for it did not come from another project. My decision to use paper airplanes came from the fact that I just liked to watch them fly, swoop, and fall. So I made my project the progression of an airplane's path over time.

2) Through painting the background for my project, I furthered my painting abilities; including understanding of how to make shadows. I knew that clouds would have shadows where they overlap each other, so I wanted to try and make some with grey paint. The method I chose to make them worked well, but I think my grey may have been too dark for shadows. Still, the effect works beyond my expectations.

3) I feel as though there is not much communication in this piece. I was not thinking about trying to illustrate a concept or idea through my painting or my airplanes. Everything about it is fairly straight forward. Though, to be honest, it may not need another motive.

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