Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Perspective Chalk Drawing Part One

Perspective Chalk Drawing Part One

1)  The idea for our project was to recreate the scene from the movie Narnia, where the kids look into the wardrobe and find a snowy landscape with a single lamp post in the middle, and a faun trying unsuccessfully to hid behind it. Our group thought this would be a good choice due to the perspective view that can be portrayed through the wardrobe; using vanishing points and angles to create the illusion of depth.

2) Our team consists of everyone from our table in class. This works to our advantage because everyone already knows each other, so the process of working as a group comes much easer than if we were a group of strangers. Since everyone is already comfortable with each other, we need not worry about stepping on each others toes in conversation, or offending someone when we ask them to do something. As the person who created the original sketch and idea, I stepped up to leading this group and giving instructions to recreate my vision on the final project. That is not to say I rule with an iron fist. I gave basic instructions to everyone about what colors go where and the shape they are supposed to make. After, I let everyone choose a task, and the team seamlessly fell into a work pattern.

-sorry the bottom pic is upside down... I can't fix it.

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