Monday, April 21, 2014

Time Project

Time Project

1) Artists make original art.
      The paper air plane idea is one that is completely my own. I always found something intriguing and inspiring about flight, the weightless, elated feeling of soaring through the air. As I sat thinking of some kind of project that emulated the flow of time, my mind drifted to the rise and fall of a paper airplane on the wind, and the idea stuck.

2) Artists communicate through their work.
        The peace that I made is supposed to act as a source of inspiration. The calming, hypnotic motions of the air plane swirling and turning as it slowly falls to the ground helps the viewer reach a stress-free state that is good for thinking of creative ideas. Helping others reach that creative and peaceful mind set is what I wanted to convey through this work.

1 comment:

  1. This piece has so many different sides to it.. there is the technical painting of the background which looks really good. there the concept of the paper planes and of time and measurement and their is an expressive side capturing the playfulness of an event. Really well down art work.